Month: August 2014

Oasis Las Vegas dispensary for buying medical marijuana

in the year of 2015 the first legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas was started but the only thing the patients found it uneasy was that the money which they were paying for these products were excluding the tax, and that was the reason of uneasiness because without paying tax they used to get a feeling that something was going on illegal and by buying products from them, they were becoming or contributing towards this illegal act. Knowing all these consequences las vegas dispensaries, Oasis Medical Cannabis was started and it was the first in the Las Vegas valley to offer prices including tax, which was up to 17 %, depending on the product.

Oasis Medical Cannabis not only sells the products of quality marijuana, but they also have experts who sponsors classes for patients, these classes or seminars are mainly intended to improve overall wellness and quality of life of the patients.  They come up with a mission of providing the premier cannabis experience to locals and visitors to Las Vegas so they are constantly focusing on improving the patient experience.  By the word “Medical grade marijuana”, as people started noticing the benefits of marijuana in medical field and hence the name it as medical marijuana.  Oasis Medical Cannabis is a unique Las Vegas Dispensary in Southern Nevada. They are contributing towards, Improving Community Quality of Life, and Spreading Knowledge so that they can help every Individual Patient.