Crime Against

Inept members of Congress are leaving an appalling blemish upon America. The political leadership of our nation should take note of the collective consternation of the American public. The displeasure with American politics is clear and evident by the number of views drawn by the video of one southern Congressman and displayed on YouTube. The offended audience made it glaringly clear, nearly without controversy, and stressed the need to enforce significant actions to remove him and other similar offenders from office. To some, the questioning process of this Representative is funny. Such is not the case. The rules guarding Senators and Representatives alike should be changed. Wasting tax payers’ money should be considered a misdemeanor.

This professional politician, an obviously inaniloquent, uneducated idiot, one placed into office by maladroit American voters, is but one prime example of the money wasted by an office meant to serve the American people. At a time when America is floundering in a financial quagmire, one brought on by intellectual cheaters of the fiscal markets, we should rely on leaders to stand tall, ask intelligent questions, and not waste our tax dollars. Impeachment proceedings may be commenced by a member of the House of Representatives on their own initiative, but you can bet members of the House would never elect to take action or remove a member of their own house from office. This Representative should be charged with negligence and abuse of power while in office and removed.

We, the American public, however, won’t ever see such a process enacted. The exact meaning of the term misdemeanors became the subject of debate while President Clinton held office. The subject debated as to what exactly entailed levels of high crimes and misdemeanors. Some felt that the act of perjury, a federal crime, was an impeachable act. Others felt that this particular act of perjury, while illegal, did not reach that level because his lie was specifically in regard to a matter of personal infidelity and that the questioning that led to it was allegedly politically-motivated.

In the aforementioned Representative’s case, he blatantly wasted American tax dollars, for which he should be removed from office. But expulsion won’t happen. He is guarded by the plaintive howls of his peers, whose votes a while back gave them, as members of either the House or Senate, raises of $4,700 and $5,300, while voting against Social Security cost of living raise in both 2010 and 2012. It wasn’t until the public outcry against the raises was heard loud and clear did they pass legislation to halt the increases.

Congressional inquiries are meant to gather facts and data for legislation. It’s time for Congress to parlay this process into one of introspection. Congressional inquiries or spending activities that irreverently waste tax payer dollars should be career-enders for those who partake is such activity. The Representative in this case wasted tax dollars because of his stupidity, taking time away from real business, educated investigation, examination, and analysis.

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